Brand Book? What it Means And Why You Need It

Brand Book? What it Means And Why You Need It

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Creating a strong and distinctive brand identity calls for a framework that will aid in brand coherence; you must ensure that all messaging is consistent in terms of both content and appearance, establishing the voice of your brand.

This includes the press releases you send out, the business cards you hand out at events, and your brand’s social media presence. Gaining the confidence of your target audience and (possible) customers requires a consistent brand identity as well.

You could make a user guide for your brand. It is a crucial tool that clearly explains to everyone how to use your brand image across all platforms, both online and offline. This user guide is known as a Brand Book

In this article, we will be discussing what a brand book is and why you need it for your business.

What Is A Brand Book?

A brand book (or brand guide) is a summary of the goals, character, and guiding principles of your company. It is a DNA blueprint with countless complexities ranging from the more basic like the brand purpose to the more intricate ones, such as the color scheme and fonts.

A thorough brand handbook is created by combining all of these components, giving staff and customers a clear understanding of the business and its offering. Above all, it is the brand’s very identity.

A brand book outlines the identity of your company and provides a framework for cohesiveness and consistency. It outlines your brand’s distinctive qualities as well. You’ve probably guessed by now that a brand book should be a component of any communication plan.

A successful brand book should, as a general rule, include the following:

  • Visual identity (logo, colors, typefaces, etc.) of your brand
  • Editorial identity which shows how your brand will be expressed, including tone of voice, keywords, communication forms, etc.
  • Name of the brand, purpose of the brand, history, beliefs, and mission statement.

These are all the characteristics that distinguish your brand.

Note: A brand book differs from an editorial or visual charter in that it contains details on a brand’s guiding principles, business culture, and personality.

Every well-known business, including Nike, Netflix, Nestle, and Spotify, has a brand book, but even smaller-scale brands might benefit from having one.

Difference Between A Graphic Charter and A Brand Book

The content of a brand book is more theatrical than that of a graphic charter.

Unlike the brand book, a graphic charter emphasizes the usefulness of using the graphic components of your brand. It does not contain overarching concepts or founding strategic principles.

Why Your Business Needs A Brand Book

A brand book is meant to be used as a brand strategy to give shape to your brand identity. The following are the reasons your business needs a brand book.

Puts Your Brand in a Better Position

Your brand book should highlight everything you and your team members stand for because your brand is undoubtedly much more than just your logo. It also has unique values, a distinct voice, and a unique corporate culture.

This will help you boost brand recognition and set your brand out from the competition. You may also develop your expertise while identifying what sets you apart from your rivals by writing a brand book.

Establish a Recognizable Brand Identity

A brand book is essential for establishing a consistent and reliable brand across all communication channels. This also implies that every graphic and text-based part of your logo is standardized and the usage of the logo is appropriate both internally and externally.

Establish The Visual Identity of a Brand

A brand book defines a brand’s visual elements, such as its logo and the permitted use of colors and fonts.

Boosts a Sense of Unity

A brand book is a great tool for explaining your company’s mission to each team member. You might also show a prospective agency your brand book to make sure their suggestions and concepts meet your standards.


The lifeblood of your brand identity is a brand book. A brand book or guide is more than just a streamlined print or digital version of the brand. It provides clear guidance to the public regarding the values and aesthetics of your brand.

It could seem challenging to even consider creating a brand guide if you’re just getting started. Just make sure to consider both technical and communicational elements while developing your brand identity guidelines or you talk to us at Front Tribe and let us put the stress off you.



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